The Home Stretch

Monday morning, on the train, on my way to work. Next week I don’t need to do this anymore. It feels surreal. I don’t really know what to think. I didn’t really sleep at all last night. Just lay awake worrying about what im meant to get done this week knowing just how near impossible it’s getting to continue sitting and pushing buttons.

Yesterday I grabbed all of my work shirts except what I need for this week and cut all of the stitching away so that I now have a whole heap of raw material. Its up to my little sister now to convert it into a pencil case. A nice memento of time behind a desk.


This time next week im heading up to Falls Creek to start my next (more exciting) adventure.

Now a fully grown adult. But still scared of the world.


Getting Closer to Freedom

Slowly but surely, over the last month and a half, I have been downsizing my life. By slowly either packing up and storing, donating or simply throwing out all of my stuff. I wish to lead a much simpler life with the ability to pack up and move on at will. This means eliminating all of the things that tie me down. Very shortly. Possibly by the end of the week, the only remaining thing to deal with will be my car.


Currently i’m going through all of the CD’s I bought as a kid, ripping them to my laptop and backing them up elsewhere so I can get rid of them. It’s a bit of a sad experience. I remember waiting for my paycheck each week so I could run off to the music store and buy a brand new CD. It now seems so unnecessary to spend so much money on music. Pandora currently solves basically all of my music needs.

My professional career is over now in only 34 days, almost down to just one month.