I Got That Job – A Big Step in The Right Direction

I don’t really know what to think at the moment. I’m happy. I’m excited. I have taken control of my life back and am on my way to somewhere I want to be. Though wherever that ultimately is I will only know on arrival.

I just had the call from Falls Creek (Snow in Australia), and in less then 2 months now, I can confirm, I will be on my way up to work for the whole snow season. This moment feels truly liberating. I have escaped the corporate world, likely never to return (as an employee at least), and have started my next phase. The phase were I really get to live my life.

I am no longer worried about my immediate future. I just need to continue existing as an engineer for another 50 days.


A Small Step in the Right Direction

Last night I was offered an interview with a company called Merlin Entertainment. Initially my application was placed with the dream of working a season on the snow at Falls Creek in Australia. Though now that I look a little deeper, I find that Merlin operates almost 100 (99 atm) attractions in 4 continents. Ideal much?

I don’t like getting too confident, because who knows, maybe they simply won’t like me. But it’s hard not to be excited, because I really would be perfect in a role like this and it ultimately aligns perfectly with my long term life goals. Plus, the only interview I ever attended which did not lead to employment was with subway. Apparently I’m not meant to be a sandwich artist (they probably made the right decision).

The voice in my head has been telling me for the better part of a decade now that I am meant to be an engineer. Thinking that was what I wanted, I chased it, and got it. Now I have been one. Whilst my biggest passion is for mathematics and the sciences (Puzzles!), it has dawned on me that I do not need to hold down an academic career in order to pursue these passions. It may even be true that holding down my current job is preventing me from truly pursuing these passions. Never again will I accept a job or stay in a job that I do not enjoy. There is always another option.

Another of my passions is people. I have underestimated and under appreciated the importance of people before and will not do so again. It is people that really fill the emptiness in us that we so desperately try and stuff with materialistic goods and perishables. Money didn’t solve anything for me and the stuff it bought now lays around useless. But the friends I forgot I had have always been there waiting. A conversation and a smile does more than any amount of money ever will.

Feeling fortunate

The Big Decision

What a journey. Life can really smack you around.

I’m now 26. So far have done everything exactly right. Good grades, honors at uni, professional job, high wages, all the promotions i could hope for, but with one critical thing missing. My life.

So I just put in my resignation. I quit. Time to start living my life. Maybe get a Van and travel the country, getting work where i can. Maybe jump to the UK. Maybe something completely unexpected.

Basically, life is too short to spend it all behind a desk. So i’m going to flip everything on its head and start a life of adventure. Hopefully there is a community out there that can offer me tips and some random advice and perhaps follow me on my journey.

May 30. My last day as an Engineer. The last day of my education. The first real day of my life.

I feel fully alive.