My Possessions. Me, Me, Me!

25 years ago. If I could have comprehended the question, I may have reported that my most prized possession was my blanket. 

20 years ago, perhaps it was my Humphrey Bear teddy.

15 years ago I may have said it was my karate outfit.

10 years ago my skateboard.

5 years ago my xbox and excessive collection of games.

I no longer own any of the above items. I have given away/lost/sold every last one. Yet at the time it would have been obscene to suggest that life would continue as normal without.

I, like many, have found great comfort in objects. Though not just in any object. Objects that are mine. I have found release from a reality that at times I did not desire by relying emotionally on the presence of something external to myself that I knew specifically belonged to me. Me me me. To posses a block of chocolate in times of emotional turmoil may be a subtle and familiar example to many.

Today, my most prized possession is my baby fluff face stuble. I play with it daily until its itch infuriates me. When I feel inadequate or unwise I stroke the sides of my chin hair and gain immediate sophistication. The point being that despite what my brain tells me, I do not need anything but myself to deal with the situations life throws at me. In most cases turning to possessions for comfort or distraction only serves to inhibit the growth of self.


Well. I could use a never ending pack of tim tams……