Chairlift Related Incidents – The Early Off Loader

So people really do fall off chairlifts. Luckily we have had no one injured from falling this year, as the falls have been relatively minor and very close to the load and unload stations.

Though this particular incident doesn’t happen too often it has happened and I have been witness to it twice this season.

Right near the end of each chairlift ride, right at the point where guests start to raise the safety bars on their chairs, skiers do a little wiggle and shift themselves forward in the chair as to make it easier to stand up at the unload point. I hate this. Especially when the kids do it.

Twice now I have seen a skier do their little wiggle near the end of the ride, and wiggle a little too far.At the time an enclosure was set up around the entire unload station and so the falls are very short and in to soft snow.


Both times the person stood up dumbfounded, looked at me and said “sorry”. Luckily neither were injured.


And So It Snows

Last night offered me only 3 hours sleep. The Snow Season is late but is now ON! In less than 24 hours now I am on my way up to Falls Creek (the snow resort) and I don’t come back.


It’s enlightening to look back at my journey so far. There are so many societal expectations that I have been trying (successfully) to fulfill for such a long time and there are others that I have more quietly completely flunked on. But up until now, I have never really been happy. Of course there have been good days and there are memories that I hold fondly, but if I were to step back and look at my life as a whole, it was never going in a direction that I wanted it to. It has been going in a direction that I felt was expected of me.

I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen with the rest of my life, but I have learned many very important lessons recently. Mainly that there is no point doing something if we don’t enjoy doing it. Secondly, stuff what people think we are meant to do, the only person that can decide on what is best for you is you. There is nothing that we areĀ meant to do. All I choose to do now is keep myself happy and surround myself with good people. I don’t have space left in my life for negativity.

Being happy does not mean life comes without it’s stresses. For the most part I have found a profound peace recently, but anxiety still lingers, every now and then it pops up and I find a sleepless night. Will I run out of money? Will my choice of lifestyle be sustainable? Will I be able to continue to save? However in order to find our place in this world, the place where we find our purpose and are happy, we must face these fears head on. I have already faced my biggest fear, I have left my profession.

So tomorrow, my adventure really begins. The snow is coming. For the next few months I will be the best damn lift attendant on the mountain and on my days off I will forget the past, and forget the future, and live in the moment, with anyone that is willing to share their time with me. Life’s too short. People are too important. I’m looking for some more good people to share my life with.

A few brief words of wisdom from a bearded man to see me off. My next post will be from the Mountain. I’m very excited.

Sunshine and Hope

The Sun shines through the train window, its energy being absorbed by my skin and its warmth putting a smile on my face. A smile is all I need a lot of the time. A smile and everything is ok.

Last summer was meant to be the best summer of my life. But that didn’t happen. Although it wasn’t the worst, it was certainly the hardest. I spent it depressed, behind a desk and battling personal demons that I have now proudly squashed. I beat many demons.

Everyday now, I’m a little healthier and a little more optimistic. Those that really know me know that I can tend to be overly enthusiastic and optimistic about all of my silly ideas. Well I’m sorry to say (not sorry at all really) that my enthusiasm is only increasing, and that I anticipate it will explode once I get to the snow.

We are almost in winter now (In Australia), so it’s strange to be thinking of summer already, especially when my winter is already so full of everything amazing. But this summer will be different. This summer I will not be behind a desk. This summer I will get myself somewhere I want to be, no matter the risk. Maybe it’s a summer in Queensland? Maybe not? I have an amazing winter to look forward to where I get to figure that out.

I will spend more time under the Sun, I will learn to Surf, I will play in the sand and dive into the ocean. I will find an amazing swimming hole, with an incredible vantage. I will find myself a bunch of amazing people and we will drink too much, talk to much, laugh too much and never regret a day. This will be my summer of sunshine.